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Alan Greenspan Has No Sympathy For Rich Pricks (His Words)

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Former Fed Chairman-cum-author/Deutsche Bank consultant Alan Greenspan said in interview with BBC Radio that he and other regulators were fully—blithely actually—aware of the risks imposed by the complex financial derivatives that helped to fuel the recent market turmoil that’s messed with your shit. So why wasn’t any action taken prior to last week? Because you knew the risks involved, and if you didn’t, you’re dumber than Greenspan had previously thought.
“I must admit that I do not have considerable concern about the net worth of [wealthy individuals investing in hedge funds] going from $40 million to $5 million, which in many cases is what has happened,” he said. In fact, he saw the whole thing as the perfect opportunity to teach you a lesson, not unlike the time he illustrated the dangers of binge drinking to a bunch of middle school students by standing idly by while they downed shot after shot of tequila, saying only to a concerned-looking aide, “this is the only way they’ll learn. Nothing like the memory of a good stomach-pumping to make ‘em think twice about that next drink.”
Oh, and there’s maybe going to be a recession. Maybe.
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