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Are You Douches Going To Take This Sitting Down?

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Real estate blog Curbed recently sat down with an investor in the field to discuss whether or not Andre Balazs’ High Line-squatting Standard Hotel is symptomatic of a developmentification of Manhattan that’s turning the island into a place where only utterly lame (but sufficiently rich) people will live. A simple ‘yes’ would’ve sufficed, but the expert, perhaps going through some sort of personal problem or maybe having had the unfortunate pleasure of drinking at Joshua Tree last night, took it one step further.

Fuck it, I say. Manhattan is one big joke. I think they should let highrises go up anywhere at this point. What's the point of communities on the island anymore?
Everyone's so priced out, does it matter anymore?
If you want a neighborhood/community, move to Brooklyn.
Let Manhattan be just one big bullshit skyscraper. Tower of Motherfuckin' Babel. But for douchebags.
And the Lord spoke and said, "Let us make sure these douchebags do not understand each other, less they build a Tower of Douchieness. Let one douchebag not understand the other." And thus the languages of Goldman, Lehman, and Morgan were formed and the Lord saw it and it was good.

First of all, this tower already exists, and its name is Windsor Court (and on the UES, Dormandy). Second of all, and we’re just passing this along, analysts from Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns would like to know, “Hey, why weren’t we included on that list?”
Investor Rant: 'Manhattan is One Big Joke' [Curbed]