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Bonuses: There May Be A Rhyme/Reason To These Things

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And it seems to be, roughly:
-Don’t monumentally fuck up--> get a nice bonus.
-Screw things up beyond all of our wildest hopes and dreams--> don’t get a nice bonus.
Reuters reports that Bear Stearns’s nine-month compensation fell 6 percent to $3.10 billion ($199,730/employee). Payout for all of last year was $4.34 billion. Anyone who can correctly identify the event that may have imparted losses on BSC’s trading, financing and hedge fund businesses is in for a treat.
On the other side of James Cayne’s golf game: Morgan Stanley, which set aside $13.4 billion for the first 9 months, up 25 percent and set to match or exceed last year’s $14.4 billion ($280,000/employee) and Lehman Brothers, which set aside $7.33 billion for the first 9, up 14 percent and about $255,000 per employee.
Goldman, because John Carney predicted it would, is also set to increase bonuses ($565,000 per employee), though this would be the case even if Lloyd Blankfein’s top secret hair restoration project went over budget. GS said it reserved $16.9 billion in the first nine months, up 21 percent from last year’s period and already exceeding the $16.5 billion set aside for all of 2006.
Goldman 3rd quarter shows bonuses poised to rise [Reuters]