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Cab Strike: Day One of Our National Nightmare

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If you’re like us, the two-day cab strike that started this morning didn’t throw a wrench in your routine because it either a. didn’t affect you (I take the subway, Keith sleeps at his desk) or b. you didn’t know about it (Carney doesn’t read newspapers and tunes out the comings and goings of the world unrelated to JFCIII 99% of the time). But we get that most of you *aren’t* like us, in more ways than one, the sweeping generalization being that you’re just plain better, so let’s discuss this for a moment.
The New York Taxi Workers Alliance began its much-fêted (or not-at-all-fêted) 48-hour strike to protest new rules that require cabs to use GPS systems and touch-screen monitors that will let passengers pay by plastic. Cabbies are ticked about these measures because they fear the nav devices could be used to track their whereabouts and the deal with the cards could mean heavy fees for processing. So, in the interest of paranoia and cheapness, they’ve taken to the streets by NOT taking to the streets, and are striking for 2 days. Or at least some are. Nobody actually really knows how many drivers are participating in the demonstration, but at least enough to tick off cab-enthusiasts. Like financial analyst Matt Achilarre, who had to wait almost 20 minutes for a cab and has zero sympathy for the strikers. "It's pointless, they're not making any statements," he told the AP. "I applaud the cabbies that are working. They'll get a windfall." (NB: Achilarre commutes via train from New Jersey, then by cab. No word on where he works, but that’s definitely the sort of thing you guys can easily dig up and deride accordingly.)
And Gawker notes that “people have been sharing cabs -- two and three passengers at a time.” Obviously, this is sickening. Were you forced to sit in awkward silence with a stranger this morning on your way to work? To—and this is really disgusting but we’re doing it for you—actually make small-talk with one (or two)? Did you have two seconds (but hideous regardless) of bodily contact with someone you didn’t know, as you slid into the back seat? Or did you rise above it all—and get car service? Let it out. We’re listening.
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