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Church Gate: Hamptons Hedge Fund Wars Take A Turn In A House of Worship

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First it was hedge fund hedges, now it seems former houses-of-worship are the next hot potato in the Hamptons. Dennis Suskind, former GS partner and hedge fund manager Adam Sender want to convert the former Sag Harbor United Methodist Church into one of the following 1) a residence or an 2) art museum, respectively. While it appears Suskind made the bid first (for ~ $3 million,) Sender (who reportedly gained 22 percent in August with his Exis Capital Management AFTER fees- yeeeeee haw!) still aims to rouse opposition to his rival. He continues to play tug-o-war with Suskind in an attempt to house his diverse art collection valued at over $100 million.
Dealbreaker has some ideas for a win-win for both Sender and Suskind: Saw the church in half with Suskind living in the residential half and Sender running his mini Tate Modern out of the other. While this solution is diplomatic we realize it’s not particularly realistic. Another suggestion, Suskind and Sender move into the church together and duke it out Real World style. Opening headline to sound something like this:
This is the true story (true story!) of two global financiers forced to live in a church. See what happens, when they stop being polite and start getting real!
Dealbreaker would like to offer live blogging of the two men co-habiting in this heavenly residence. This could potentially bring a whole meaning to the idea of “confession” as they tearfully describe how the other is not doing their share in maintaining the grounds and chores (oh wait, they should hire the guy who trimmed Jim Chanos’ hedge to do the yard work. John Carney also has experience with yard work and would happily volunteer as both grounds keeper and Dealbreaker mole.)
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