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Citigroup Hedge Head, Untroubled By Losses, Takes 'Odd Couple' Fetish One Step Further

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He’s got all the re-mastered DVDs. He hosts ‘TOC’ marathons with Chuck Prince and Sandy Weill, drawing straws to determine who has to prepare the Chex Party Mix. He’s written op-ed pieces about Felix Unger’s sexual ambiguity. Two summers ago, he laid out $15,000 at a silent auction for a lock of Jack Klugman’s hair. And now Vikram Pandit, who joined C after the bank bought his Old Lane hedge fund last year, will sleep where Tony Randall slept.
The Citi Alternative Investments head has paid $17.9 million for the late Randall’s CPW co-op, topping Widow Heather’s original asking price of $17.85 million. The ten-room residence occupies an entire floor of the Beresford apartment building and, according to the Corcoran Group, “enjoys superb light and impressive park views through 20 windows spanning two exposures.”
For his part, Pandit, according to people familiar with the matter, has apparently said that he would’ve paid that much “or more” for a “1-bedroom shithole” on the corner of “fifth floor walk-up” and “this is the only neighborhood in Manhattan that hasn’t yet been gentrified,” if its presence had once been graced by Tony. (VP already owns Randall’s boyhood home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.) Pandit could reportedly “not give a baker’s f**k” about new neighbors Jerry Seinfeld and John McEnroe.
Upon joining Citi last year, Pandit was greeted by an approximately 40% drop in CAI profit. Old Lane fell 5.9% in August.
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