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Closing Bell 09.06.07

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Closing Bell Brought by Financial Times.
Chain Store Retailers reported today - looks like the late back-to-school shopping sprees helped propel more aggressive numbers than expected for merchandise behemoths such as Saks, Wal-mart, and Target. Those dragging their feet - Costco, JCPenny, and Chico's (Dad told Mom it's time to pinch those pennies - plus, there are only so many gold lame cuffs a woman can possibly own).
US Indexes in the green today with the DJIA up .44% and the Nasdaq up .32%. The red-headed stepchild of the bunch - the 10-YR Note finishing at 4.513% down -0.38%.
It's only fitting that post Labor Day the Labor Department reports jobless claims at a somewhat depressing although not unexpected 318,000 from 19,000.
The action in currencies was atavistic white people colonialism winning. The dollar was up slightly from 115.22 yen to 115.29 . The euro up from $1.3659 to $1.3684.
Oil trading close to $77 as worldwide oil alliances sighted a "tightness" in resources that is now hitting our shores stateside. (Maybe the taxi strike is for the best?) Additionally, hurricane season has energy traders shakin' in their boots. Just click your heels boys and say "There's no place like October" three times.
Additional market IQ from people who are smarter than we are FT Alphaville.