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Closing Bell: 09.14.07

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Brought to you by Financial Times.
Small movements landing on a positive note in the major indexes today. The DJIA up 17.64 at 0.13%. The SNP 500 up 0.30 at 0.02%. The Nasdaq up 1.12 at 0.04%. Volume honored the extended Jewish New Year celebration by staying at a light 1.19 billion shares. On the New York Stock Exchange Friday, 1,757 stocks went green arrow up and 1,512 saw downward facing red arrow.
And today's random index: The JSE Market Index (Jamaica Market Index) up 228.39 at 0.24%.
Everybody read the mildly disappointing numbers in retail spending along with a weaker housing market as indicating the we'll get the Fed rate cut that everyone expects anyway. The dollar is gaining momentum against the yen and euro. One greenback will buy you 72 euro cents (or whatever the hell it's called in metric) and 115.3 yen.
From September 7th to today, 492 companies in the S&P 500 reported earnings for Q2. Of this group 66.46% reported above expectations, 12.80% reported in-line with expected earnings and 20.73% were reported below expectations. But take a gander at that 12.8% number for a moment and try not to think about replacing analysts with monkeys.
Finally, bonds went down. 10-Year notes down 5/32 to yield 4.49% and the 2-Year note down 4/32 to tender 4.09%.
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