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Closing Bell 09.25.07

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Consumer confidence index at its lowest since November 2005 – down even more than the Conference Board’s index prediction of 105.6. Along those lines, existing home sales saw their lowest numbers since August 2002 – dropping 13% since September last year. In spite of these down numbers, it didn’t shake up stocks too much as indicated below.
Musings of two additional Fed interest-rate cuts before year-end persist as economists site sluggish consumer spending and falling home prices. This forecast riding on the coattails of Lennar – home builder who reported a loss of 4% on earnings and as a result has had to cut its employee force by 35%.
Major index numbers as follows: The DJIA up 0.14% to close at 13778.65. The Nasdaq up 0.58% ending the day at 2683.45. S&P 500 down -0.03% to close at 1517.21. The Russell down -0.35% closing at -0.35%. And the 10-Yr Note up 0.09% or 3/32 at 4.626%. And today’s random index:
NASDAQ TRANSPORTATION IX – up 0.79% closing at 2,878.73.
On the NYSE 1,338 stocks were up and 1,938 in the red. Total volume traded today - 1.33 billion shares.
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