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Cutting The FaceBook/Microsoft Deal Rumor Off At The Knees

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By now you know the rumor that Bill Gates has lost his mind and is considering an investment of $300-500 million for a 5 percent stake in Facebook, which would value the social networking site at twice what Rupert Murdoch paid for Dow Jones. (Making trashtastic MySpace worth $11-12 billion, according to Lehman Brothers analyst Vijay Jayant.) The fact that ‘book CEO Mark Zuckerberg was spotted Tuesday in Seattle, according to ‘Fortune’ reporter/stalker David Kirkpatrick, gives weight to the rumor, and lowers the chances that it’s not all some horrible joke and/or plot by Steve Jobs to make Bill Gates bad.
But since we’re still holding out hope that Microsoft isn’t planning on parting ways with a truckload of money for a website filled with worthless plug-in applications and at which one user can “poke” or “tickle” another and then laugh to him or herself about it, we’re going to come up with a more plausible explanation for Zucks’s visit to Washington and stick with it. The continued existence of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the disenfranchised who so desperately need its help, depends on this rumor being bull shit. So you tell us:
The real reason Mark Zuckerberg has been seen in Seattle is:
a.Tonight’s Bryan Adams with George Thorogood concert at the WaMu theater
b.For a naughty game of hooky with David Kirkpatrick, who writes that, having “gotten to know [Zuckerberg],” who is “driven by a conviction that what he is doing will make the world a better place” and “is a nicer person than Gates,” has come to the conclusion that “it may be…worth quite a few hundred million for any company to get into bed with Mark Zuckerberg.”
c.Adidas shower shoes.
d.Coffee date at flagship Starbucks with Kofi Annan to discuss how Facebook can get involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
e.Annual pilgrimage to Brandon Lee’s grave in Lake View Cemetery.
f.a. and b
g.a. and c.
h.a and d.
i.a and e.
j.b and c.
k.b. and d.
l.b. and e.
m.c and d.
n.all of the above
o.none of the above
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