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DealBreaker Gets You A Better Job

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The financial sector added no jobs in August and new job cuts may be on the way. What better time to find yourself a new gig? Fire your boss before he fires you. We’re here for you, our friends. That’s why we started the DealBreaker career center and why we bring a new set of jobs to your attention every week.
Equities Traders or those of you who aspire in that direction will want to look at this job from Ellington Management Group, a relative value shop which has hedge fund assets of around $5 billion. They’re looking for some new blood to fill our their newly formed long / short equity investing operation. Two to three years experience and a college degree gets you in the door. This is that hedge fund trader job you’ve always said you wanted. What are you waiting for?
•Worried about outsourcing? Outsource yourself by taking this position with the Susquehanna International Group, which is setting up an investment banking shop in India. It’ll help if you’re a native Hindi or Bengali speaker, of course. Why not spend some time back in the homeland?
Blackrock is looking for a quant. Facility with numbers and programming plus a grad degree—PhD or MBA—should get you the interview. You might be able to help Blackrock avoid the next quant bloodbath. The big drawback: you’ll have to figure out how to spend all the money you’ll earn. Life is tough.
•You know who is still hiring? That’s right, Bear Stearns. Forget that Bess mysteriously titled her post about Goldman Sachs new hires “Fire James Cayne.” The Bear is not going into hibernation. It needs a sales assistant up in Boston. Might be a good fit for those of you looking to get a foot in the door.
•This one isn’t exactly surprising: an unnamed firm is looking for someone to run their credit ratings operations. That business has been a mess lately and obviously their looking for someone to straighten things out. They won’t give their name but they say they are “the world's foremost provider of financial market intelligence” so it’s one of the biggies. (Here’s a hint: that’s the motto of Standard & Poor's.)
There's a lot more where these came from.