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Dresdner’s Final Financial Solution

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Malcolm Perry is suing Dresdner for $20 million, charging that the bank discriminated against his non-Germanic heritage. Perry, an Australian working in England, lost his job after Dresdner restructured its London office last year.
Actively involved in restructuring talks, Perry was surprised to hear from a more connected colleague (pictured) that “[Dresdner management] wants to turn it back to a German bank.”
One contentious point of the lawsuit is that Perry admits to leaving a restructuring meeting due to a hangover, at which point a series of unplanned discussions took place, including what to do with Perry’s drunk arse.
After the restructuring, Perry was canned, and six of the nine capital markets division managers were German (the remaining three just loved Hasselhoff, spoke German).
Dresdner insists that it is not trying to systematically eliminate non-Germans from its ranks, or the ranks of mankind.
In other news French banks are already surrendering their capital to Dresdner.
City banker not 'German enough' [BBC]