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Europeans Still Pissed Over the End of North American Colonialism

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Ever the persistent bunch, the Europeans will stop at nothing to get a slice of that delectable American pie. If it’s not attempting to rename the simple hot dog into something called a Frankfurters, it’s our wallets they are after. Now it seems they want the SEC to confirm to their dodgy accounting principles. The New York Times reported today, “In a letter released yesterday, the European Association of Listed Companies said the Securities and Exchange Commission should allow the use of international accounting standards but should not insist that companies follow all the standards. Instead, the group said, the S.E.C. should accept modifications imposed by the European Commission.
Such a change, if approved by the S.E.C., would reduce the power of the International Accounting Standards Board, which is based in London and sets rules now used in many countries.
Currently, companies whose securities are registered in the United States must either prepare their financial statements in accordance with American rules (known as generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP), or reconcile them to those rules. The proposed S.E.C. rule would eliminate that requirement starting next year.”
Sure, sure. It would probably help our exchanges out by making it easier for foreign companies to list on US exchanges. And there are some advantages to those fancy European principals based accounting standards. But we’re still suspicious of letting the E.U. start issuing instructions to the SEC.
Just keep your mayonnaise off our freedom fries you Belgian busy-bodies!
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