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Exposed Guts

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A random Yale junior named Nick presents his “Semi-Annual Yale University Gut Course Review.” The email was picked up by Gawker, will probably be sent to the course profs and result in the gutting of the guts, dangerously close to the course drop date. Thus Nick will soon be public enemy #1 (right after Coach) to a sizeable contingent of large men in sweatpants, or equally dangerous female softball players.
The secret to a good gut course is that it needs to be under the radar, at least enough not to attract any “official” attention. The second even a willing gut professor gets a little administrative or department heat over the ‘guttiness’ of a course, it instantly becomes a dangerous game of “let’s roll the arbitrary dice of liberal arts paper grading” or a nightmarish “I’m going to single-handedly combat the grade inflation of the entire university in this class” scenario.
After extolling the virtues of classes like “Alcohol and Other Drugs in American Culture,” “Statistics as a Way of Knowing,” “The Hero in the Ancient Near East,” and “Great Discoveries in Archaeology,” Nick sends out a warning to aspiring I-bankers struggling to find relevant classes in a liberal arts degree:

WHAT To Not Take:
MICROECONOMICS: I cannot with any clear conscience send out a mass email and not remind everyone on the face of the earth not to take MICRO unless you like awful boring classes that you will end up getting a C+ in. Seriously though, utility curves are cool. So are horrible professors, arbitrarily shitty curves, tedious work, and gleaning no greater of economics whatsoever.... but for the 200 of you who take it... I told you so.

Econ departments are lacking in obvious guts, even though the Econ major at most liberal arts schools isn't exactly considered all that strenuous. Besides, who wants to take a gut-like "Economics of Something Really Cool" when you can learn about the Samurai?
To help out the grade-grubbing future I-bankers of America trapped at liberal arts schools, if anyone knows of any good Econ guts, or just generally hilarious examples of making your parents proud of that $30+k they're blowing, please let the public know.
What Are The Gut Classes At Yale? [Gawker]


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