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Fox Business Network - Who’s-Who among the Anchor Elect?

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Rupert Murdoch’s latest endeavor, Fox Business Network – set to launch on October 15th of this year, announced their onscreen anchors/personalities yesterday All were chosen from within the Fox family and just like a bag of Halloween candy, it’s not only diverse, it’s politically correct as well. After the jump, we introduce you to the newest faces of Fox Business Network:

-- by Silas Greenback

Dagen McDowell – first point, anyone with a name like Dagen is cool in our book. This Virginia native is currently a business correspondent for Fox and has a standing gig at Your World with Neil Cavuto. Before landing at Fox, she wrote for both Smart Money and

Probably the most well recognized face in the bunch – Stuart Varney. Also a regular on Neil Cavuto, Stuart co-anchored CNN’s Moneyline News Hour as well as numerous other business programs since the 1980’s including Your Money and Business Day. Interestingly, during his stint at CNN, he was reportedly rankled when Ted Turner labeled employees who wore ashes on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday as “Jesus Freaks.”

David Asman currently hosts Forbes on Fox (funny, doesn’t he LOOK like someone who would host that show?) Labeled as having a somewhat “right wing” bias, we’re sure he’ll round out this crowd nicely by adding that much needed conservative touch. In addition to writing for the WSJ, he also penned the riveting - The Wall Street Journal On Management: Adding Value Through Synergy. Anyone that can get away with using the word SYNERGY in their book title is a superstar.

This team wouldn’t be politically correct if there wasn’t a Latina thrown into the mix. The lovely Rebecca Gomez has been an anchor with Fox since 1996. This San Jose, Cali native got her start at the University of Maryland’s college of journalism and moved up from local affiliate stations to be a New York correspondent in 2003.

A news team is not complete without “Hot Blonde” to offset all that brunette. Before arriving at Fox News, she was a freelance correspondent for CNN – reporting from the NYSE. This go-getter also served on the boards of the Associated Press Television and Radio Association and American Women in Radio and Television.
And there you have it, this team represents a tour de force in the already saturated business media arena. While no immediate poaching from CNBC's on-air talent is expected, we predict a slew of defectors in the not too distant future.