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Fox Hunting For CNBC Foxes

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Time for some more Friday afternoon silliness. By which we mean, let's do some reporting on the business media.
Over at TheStreet.Com, Doug Kass is reporting that Fox Business channel has been poaching personalities familiar to CNBC audiences. And Marketwatch’s media columnist Jon Friedman spills a few hundred words on the trivalry between CNBC and the upcoming Fox Business Channel. And, of course, on rumors on a even stronger alleged rivalry between CNBC anchors Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett.
Let’s start with Kass. According to Kass, Fox is expected to “bag” Liz Claman and Eric Boling. They’ll join a line-up led by Director of Business News Alexis Glick. “Also being ‘courted’ are David Faber and Mark Haines and a well-known CNBC political commentator,” Kass writes.
He says that Bartiromo is off the “most wanted” list because she’s got a contract that extends into 2009.
Friedman, however, says that CNBC still seems spooked by the possibility of losing one of its money honeys.
“Of course, CNBC's worst dream is that Bartiromo and/or Burnett becomes so disenchanted that one or both jumps to ... the Fox Business Network. It's a fair question as to whether CNBC can manage to keep its two anchors happy,” Friedman writes.

There are potential pitfalls when a successful organization boasts two stars. Remember, Shaq and Kobe helped the Los Angeles Lakers win three consecutive NBA championships not so long ago, but ultimately they weren't content with sharing the limelight and the team fell apart. “Cheers" was once the most popular situation comedy on primetime TV, but Shelley Long bolted to become a movie star, as co-star Ted Danson got more acclaim.
Is CNBC big enough to accommodate two audience favorites? Does its public-relations department have enough tricks to make each one feel loved? If one falls behind in the Battle of Q Ratings - measuring popularity with the public -- would she rush to find a new home?

Incidentally, we’re told that the alleged rivalry between Bartiromo and Burnett is very over-played. But you really can’t blame the fellas for dreaming that one day the Money Honey and the Street Sweetie will break into a cat fight on air. Or a pillow-fight. Or a mud-wrestling match.
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