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Goldman Sachs and US Government Are Pleased To Announce Two Panels On Hedge Funds

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If you are wondering why you weren't chosen to serve on the Treasury Department's two blue-ribbon panels that will focus on minimizing hedge fund risk—step one: repeal August—we have the answer: you weren't smart enough to work at Goldman Sachs. And everyone knows that only Goldman Sachs alumni can be trusted to run our economic policy.
At least three of the ten members of the hedge fund managers' panel selected by Goldman alumni Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and Deputy Undersecretary Robert K. Steel are also Goldman alumni. Panel chair Eric Mindich and members Edward A. Mulé and Daniel Och all emerged from the temple on 85 Broad. Others on the panels are tied to Goldman in various ways. Some manage funds that are Goldman clients, for instance.
But this isn't some sort of secret society type conspiracy. It's just that Goldman fosters a culture of public spiritedness. You can tell this is true because they use those tree-hugger cars to get home at night and totally shorted subprime mortgages, betting against the government program to fool Americans into accepting the burdens of home ownership.
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