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How To Lose Friends And Not Influence People

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In the UK, where employers haven't quite started mass firewalling facebook from corporate servers, a new study estimates that social networking productivity drainers like facebook can cost firms up to 130 million pounds a day, or over $260 million.
The study was conducted by employment law firm Peninsula and tracked 3,500 UK companies, estimating that 233 million hours are lost every month to social networking dalliances at work.
In other social networking news, those 300 facebook friends you have aren't really your friends. Despite the massive numbers of people using these sites (MySpace is still the most trafficked site on the internet (we think even including porn, which isn't usually accounted for)), studies are showing that an individual's number of close friends does not increase with rampant online social networking. A huge contact list on a social networking site belies your real social status - of being a huge loser.
We're still waiting for the study confirming that the number of times you have your shirt off in facebook pictures is inversely proportional to how often you get laid.
*Pictured - Otis may have never met Milo had he been sitting at his computer.
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