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If A Former “Star” Falls In A Forest…

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Not since Belushi doing Joe Cocker has there been a better parody of a musical performer than Britney Spears doing a parody of Britney Spears during last night’s VMAs.
The VMAs have become so irrelevant that we need to remind you that they stand for MTV’s annual Video Music Awards. Once heavily promoted and occasionally watched, the VMAs represent one of the saddest whimpers of a dying network (in its current incarnation, before they redefine the “M,” ditch most of the current platform, and try to emerge as something that people will watch).
If MTV would have only been more explicit about when the huge celebutard train wrecks were occurring, people might have tuned in. Although Kid Rock punching Tommy Lee – did we even care five years ago? MTV could air Viacom lawsuits and have a more interesting (and probably higher rated) televised feud.
As the Times points out, more people will watch Britney’s shame spiral on YouTube than on TV, which must be a bitter pill to swallow for Viacom. Shares of Viacom are down over a half percent despite the boost in network web traffic.
Britney vs. Belushi, after the jump…
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Here’s Britney:
Here’s Belushi: