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It's a Great Day for a Ball Game; Let's Lose Two

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Now that Labor Day has passed, it's officially time to think about real sports - college and pro football, NBA pre-season and baseball pennant races (baseball up until Labor Day is merely a way to pass time). Moving to the top of the worst division in baseball (which I say begrudgingly, being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, if that's been possible the last 13 losing seasons), is the Chicago Cubs, 1.5 games up on the Brewers, also barely over .500. When the Cubs blow it somehow, either in the regular or post-season, new owners will seek different losing strategies, from Dan Primack's PE Week Wire:

A very interesting M&A battle could soon heat up on the North Side of Chicago. Various news reports say that if/when Sam Zell finishes buying Tribune Co., he will put the Cubbies up for sale. Two of the expected bidders are Madison Dearborn chief John Canning and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. A contrast in styles, to say the least…

We've heard the Cuban rumblings (which is even more annoying in that he'd probably buy the Pirates if they were smart enough to sell), but the John Canning rumors are relatively newer. Does it really matter?
By the way, does anyone know the current whereabouts of former Hewitt Associates employee and infamous Moises Alou interferer Steve Bartman? Is he still in the scintillating world of BPO consulting? Did he ever take the Florida asylum offered by Jeb Bush?
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