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Layoffs Watch '07

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The rumor about Syndicated Leveraged Finance analysts at JPMorgan, currently in training, being rounded up and told “there will be people leaving this group” has been given not necessarily legs but perhaps (very small) feet. While out for sushi last evening, our dinner companion received an email that read:

I won’t send this to her directly but since I know you’re out to dinner with BL, feel free to pass along that I’ve heard the same rumor about the SLF guys. Good, I say, less JPM dicks at Snafu when I get my drink on at five. Don’t put my name on that. Describe me only as being “in the know” and “an employee of Barclays.”

And another, less crazy tipster writes today:

Confirmed JPM analysts rumor, though I’ve heard the senior guys are also planning on cutting non-first year analysts.

Want to get something off your chest pertaining to Jamie Dimon's toy soldiers but feeling similarly gripped by paranoia? Shake it off and let us know.