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Lunch Transgressions

Before the Fed, Dealbreaker is considering lunch. A little salad action perhaps? Or maybe you’re hung-over, in which case we recommend the duo pepperoni slices with extra Tabasco slathered on those bad boys [nothing like that to get all systems running again after a heavy night out at Scores]. We realize that working in an open environment with either rows of desks or even cubes can cramp a person's lunch style. Out of consideration for your coworkers and to avoid being publicly flogged/ridiculed/ostracized from the floor here are some foods you may want to avoid while eating at your desk:
ANYTHING and let us repeat that ANYTHING that once resided in a body of water. You may not win friends with salad – but you’re going to make enemies with fish. Just say no.
Indian Food. Sorry, but chicken tiki has a pungent way of filling up even the largest rooms. You don’t want the trading floor smelling like Curry in a Hurry.
There’s something about cooked broccoli that rubs people the wrong way. It’s reminiscent of someone who has serious intestinal distress. Proceed with caution.
Eggs – maybe it’s the touches of sulfur and while not common lunch fare this can be met with a snide utterance along the lines of, “Is SOMEONE eating eggs???” while standing up and publicly humiliating the guilty party.
Surely there are other odious culprits not mentioned on this list that rub people's noses the wrong way... Feel free to vent to us about your neighbor who eats fish tacos every day for lunch.