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Mad Meritocracy – Cliff Mason in 02138

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Cliff Mason, nephew of Jim Cramer, is pretty fly for a connected guy. His interests include water sports (in his Chelsea hot tub), babe magnetism and bubbles (market and live-in). Cliff is profiled in the latest issue of Harvard alum clean-up towel 02138. Some highlights:
Cliff has two well paying jobs. No, really, his jobs pay well. We can’t reiterate this enough, much like the magazine article. His two jobs are writing contrarian things for (the sake of being contrarian) and writing for Mad Money. I’m not sure what these two things have in common, but it might rhyme with Schmuncle.
Cliff Mason lives in Chelsea, and has a hot tub, which goes against Cliff’s initial attempts to be a hobo living purely off family wealth provided from many generations of successful financiers and the occasional television personality. An excerpt:

Before taking the internship at Mad Money, Mason imagined himself as a writer living a bohemian life. “I didn’t want to work at all,” he says. Two years later, he lives in a two-bedroom apartment with hot tub that he owns in Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood, where comparable apartments generally run well over a million dollars.

Despite a diet of seedless grapes and a steady regimen of worship at local Chelsea churches (Equinox), Mason puts up the investment banking aesthetic façade:

Mason has thinning, sandy-colored hair, glasses, and pale skin whose only glow comes from the light of computer monitors.

Did we mention that Cliff Mason makes a load of cash? We’re talking pre-iPhone price cut purchase sort of income. Cliff Mason has more money than he can spend, which is why he can spring for babe-magnet devices like an iPhone:

In one recent video segment, Mason confessed to buying the iPhone because it is “pretty cool” and a “babe magnet.” People earning less than $50,000 could probably spend their money more wisely, he conceded, but that was not his situation, and in any case, he was so busy, he lacked the time to spend all the money he made.

Conclusion – it is tough to be Cliff Mason.
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