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Must Haves for a CEO: Haute Couture for the honeys – Pimped out rides for the homeboys

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Whoever said sexism isn’t alive and well in America has been asleep behind the wheel or living under a rock for, well, forever. Now, before you get all PC on us, save your breath. The glass ceiling here at Dealbreaker is not only buttressed by myself and Bess Levin – but John Carney smiles down on us and his other female minions from time to time sitting on his glass thrown in his ivory tower.
In addition to Dealbreaker, Neiman Marcus management has an interesting division of how they divvy up “allowances” to their CEO’s. Karen Katz, President and CEO gets an annual $25k allowance for clothing while CEO Burton Tansky doesn’t get jack. He does however, get a $12k car allowance (will that even get you a Ford Festiva?). James J. Gold, president of Bergdorf Goodman received a $167k “cost of living” adjustment for relocating from Texas to New York and an additional $296k for NY state taxes. poses the question – are women simply more focused on clothing while men are more focused on cars and taxes? gets to the heart of the matter – men get more tail when they drive a hot car. Women can only get men to listen to them if they dress slutty.
On how men and women differ… [footnoted .org]