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NYSE - Prime Real Estate

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Sadly, the amount of activity on the famous floor of the NYSE is dwindling. A space once filled with the roar of brokers and clerks on the floor buying and selling stocks has been largely replaced with computerized trading . From it’s peak of over 3,000 members, the crowd has tapered off to about 1,700.
Dealbook reports this morning: "The decline in activity at the exchange’s headquarters at 11 Wall Street is palpable. Tourists no longer queue up by the hundreds to survey the floor from the visitors’ gallery or watch the ceremonial ringing of the opening and closing bells. Excluded for security reasons since 9/11, they can only wander by the building that has long symbolized the heart of American commerce.
If they could get inside, they would see that a once-vital organ has been reduced to a reliable backdrop for financial shows on cable."
In the coming weeks, the exchange will close down two trading areas it added decades ago. Dealbreaker is wondering what the NYSE plans to do with this extra space. After tossing around some ideas – here’s what we came up with:
-A Starbucks or two. The floor of the NYSE might be the most expansive area that doesn’t have a Starbucks.
-A food court, featuring a Cipriani, Robert’s Steakhouse
-A dry cleaning service – have you seen the pit stains under those guys arms?
-An apprenticeship booth manned by Tim Sykes
You guys are a creative bunch, surely you must have some ideas what the NYSE can do with the added floor space.
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