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One Of Those Guys Was Using An iPhone

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It goes without saying that here at DealBreaker, we judge people. Obviously looks, arrogance, dental records and the ability to swing a racquet are all taken into account when there's sizing up to be done, but how do we decide who should be summarily dismissed from our line of vision? Two words--finger dexterity. Are you a good person? Intelligent? Kind? We don't care. Can your appendages move with speed and competence? This is the stuff that matters to us.
Which is why, when WallStrip asked if we'd like to enter Silas Greenback into its annual Ms. Blackberry Pageant '07, we willingly shoved her in L. Campbell's direction. Of course we wanted Moss to be a contestant, if only to see if she's up to snuff, re: our aforementioned litmus test. Despite having some suspect difficulties with a keg of cheese balls that must be indicative of a much deeper personal problem, the mistress of RIMM put in a very respectable show, not necessarily reflected in the outcome of the contest. (Sorkin--you've got our number.)
Apropos, the Wi-Fi here at Promises is really quite impressive.