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“On the Money” is going, going, gone.
The official word is that on October 10th the show will go on “hiatus”—and, as it turns out, that word has nothing to do with shenanigans on the Kennedy compound. It means, we think, that the show is pretty much canceled but no one wants to tell Melissa Francis.
The New York Times TV Decoder blog has the scoop.

The program’s pending departure is one of a series of programming changes CNBC is planning, as the Oct. 15 debut of the Fox Business Channel draws near. In place of “On the Money'’ at 7 p.m., the official said, CNBC is moving in “Kudlow & Company,'’ which can currently be seen at 5 p.m. In its place at 5, CNBC is installing “Fast Money,'’ the traders’ roundtable led by Dylan Ratigan, which currently appears at 8 p.m. — and still will, in rebroadcasts.

We’ll miss OTM. What the New York Times describes as “hip and almost flip approach to the day’s business news” was just about our speed. The show had an edge to it that a lot of the more sober daytime programming on the network lacks. It was probably the only show on the network that was produced in the traditional news magazine sense. We’re hoping it comes back after some sort of redesign. Or that Fox produces something like it.
But, of course, there are more serious matters at hand. And most of them are about OTM host Melissa Francis. “Left to be determined is the next assignment for Melissa Francis, the anchor of ‘On the Money,’” TV Decoder reports. Memo to CNBC: Pay attention.
CNBC Jettisons ‘On The Money,’ Shifts Kudlow and Ratigan [New York Times]