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Reflections on Being and Non-Being Fashion Week, Fantasy Football and An Encounter With A CDO Cowboy

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Last night we found ourselves at some stupid fashion week party where we learned two things. First, fashion week is just fantasy football for girls. Second, there is no CDO business on Wall Street these days.
The latter became crashingly clear when we ran into a guy in the structured credit products business who we haven't seen for years. He's been too busy. But last night he told he hasn't worked a night in weeks.
"It's over. Everyone is getting fired. Entire divisions. Think vast empty wastelands," he said.
We ordered him his favorite drink: a very dry, Hendrick's martini on the rocks. He took the top half off it off in one swig. Then he took the bottom half off. We ordered him another.
"Right now CDO stands for Close the Door on you way Out," he said.