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Reminder - The Saudis Are Our Friends

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Remember that in the "slam-dunk" Bushfuscation of 9/11, hardly anyone "remembers" that the hijackers were almost all friendly allied Saudi Arabians, funded, most likely through connections with the friendly allied corporate conglomerate - the Saudi Binladin Group. Meanwhile, attorneys for the Saudi Binladin Group are busy trying to respond to September 11th related lawsuits in federal court. From CNN:

The company filed the defense papers late Friday in U.S. District Court in answer to claims brought by representatives, survivors and insurance carriers of the victims. The plaintiffs, who seek billions of dollars in damages, allege the Saudi Binladin Group, along with numerous banks, charities and individuals worldwide, provided material support and assistance to al-Qaida prior to the attacks. The plaintiffs contend Bakr Binladin - Osama bin Laden's brother, the senior member of the Binladin family and chairman of Saudi Binladin Group - was one of al-Qaida's principal financiers.

The Saudi Binladin Group claims, surprisingly, that this isn’t the case, and that the company forced Osama out as a shareholder in 1993. Osama presumably got his 2% stake bought out, but the Saudi Binladin Group develops minor vocal cord injuries when asked to explain, in lieu of a federal order in July for the Binladin Group to cough up some sort of record for where the money went.
Instead, the Saudi Binladin Group sticks with its story that it’s a huge immediate family (Osama has 50+ siblings) and keeping track of a few bad apples who want to destroy an ordinal direction is near impossible. A group spokesperson responds to the charges, “Blame the cousins, not the brothers… wait, how many times removed does a “supportive” Binladin relative have to be for us to avoid paying you anything?”
The Binladin Group also claims that Bakr Binladin publicly renounced Osama in 1994 and that the Saudi government froze Osama’s assets and revoked his citizenship.
Binladin company: We disowned Osama [CNN]