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See If You Can Guess What This Next One's About

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Tim Sykes has chosen to respond to Trader Monthly’s response from earlier today, re: them not letting him come to their party. We have nothing else to add. Let’s just all stand back and let the two parties destroy each other, like the Sunnis and Shiites, Betty and Veronica. That’s what you want anyway, isn’t it?

a. You didn't behave like a responsible member of the financial community
In what way? Or do you mean I should wear suits all the time, hide any sign that I have a personality, sugarcoat everything I say, act confident at all times, never talk to industry outsiders and live a superficial and ultimately meaningless life? If so, then you are 100% correct.
b. You felt no remorse at losing people's money
This is horrifically untrue. Losing money for the first time in my life has been very difficult to deal with. If you had read the complimentary copy of ‘An American Hedge Fund’ I sent to you, you’d see that my relationships with many friends and family members have been greatly damaged by my fund’s losses. In short, these losses have changed my life.
c. Other traders didn't want you at the party

I get 50-100 emails/day from traders and non-traders alike, telling me how my story inspires them, but you can’t please everybody!
d. You called yourself a "cheap Jew" on episode of wall street warriors
You’re actually gonna try and play this card—are you that desperate to try to find a legitimate reason for banning me from your ‘trader community’? Yes, I do believe I called myself this because I believe in self-deprecating humor. Somehow I think ‘Borat’s’ $260mm worldwide gross kinda makes this statement null and void.
The one episode I said this in has now aired over 200 times, was it your first time watching it over the weekend when you flip-flopped allowing me to your party and then changing your mind?
What’s particularly revealing is that none of these ‘reasons for turning on a fellow trader’ were even mentioned in Randall’s email to me. Sounds like ‘Traitor Monthly’ is scrambling around, trying to justify stabbing a trader in the back.
Here’s a friendly tip, for better or worse, my book is brutally honest, why don’t you read it and then use ACTUAL FACTS against me. That way you’ll find some much better reasons to expel me from your community.