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Spanish Superman Is Going To Rescue Northern RockAlso, We've Heard That Jeff Skilling Is Totally Going To Bailout Countrywide

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You're just jealous. You know you wish you had the chorizo to announce an acquisition dressed as Superman.
Our man here is Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos, one of Spain's more controversial and colorful business figures. He's got everything you want in a cartoon version of a dodgy Spanish business man. Ties to Franco and Opus Dei, mutual legal recriminations against the Spanish government (the socialist government took his assets and called him a thief, he says they're a bunch of socialist jerks), ownership of a football club, and a private army of 13 children. ¿Quien es mas macho? If this guy didn't exist, the Italians would probably have to invent him. And then elect him prime minister.
Now word comes that he's leading a group of Spanish investors who want to buy Northern Rock, the bank that broke Britain. Even though the Brits are totally over their fear of Spanish Popery, there's some doubt about whether Superman's bid will fly. As the Financial Times dryly put it, "the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority might have to think twice before allowing Jose Maria Ruiz-Mateos take control of the mortgage lender."

Ruiz-Mateos an unlikely bidder
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