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The Age of Aquarian At Bear StearnsDr. Julius NoJoseph Lewis Becomes Bear's Biggest Investor

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Bear Stearns seems to have found a friend in British investor Joseph Lewis, who lives in the Bahamas and runs Aquarian Investments. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Lewis reported that companies he controls paid $890.4 million to acquire a 7 percent stake in Bear Stearns.
Joe Lewis is not, apparently, the same guy as the boxer known as Joe Louis who died in 1981. The sport that ignites the passions of this Lewis is golf. Although originally British, Lewis lives in the Bahamas and has houses all over the world, typically near a golf course.
Lewis went from running his families catering business to currency trading in the 1970s. He is usually included in lists of the top 20 wealthiest Brits.