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The Alchemy of Love With The World's Greatest Inflation Fighter

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It's not everyday you get to watch a girl get naked with a chairman of the Federal Reserve. But some folks on Lexington Avenue wound up doing exactly that recently when they found themselves side by side with former chairman Paul "Ben Bernanke is a Bitch" Volcker while a voluptuous blond showed her own discount window to passersby in the window of an art gallery.
What was going on? This morning Ben Widdicombe of the Daily News explains how all this came to be.
"It turns out Volcker (who led the Fed for eight years under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan) is the uncle of the lady in question, performance artist Lisa Paul Streitfeld," Widdicombe writes.
Ugh. Performance art. It's like pornography but even more boring. Usually involves women you don't necessarily want to see naked who insist on getting that way and then smearing stuff on their bodies. Surely this isn't what Volcker's niece was doing.
Except that it was. And is. Streitfeld is currently performing one of five chapters in her performed "novel" The Alchemy of Love. You can watch video versions of four of the chapters on the novel's blog. Of course it has a blog. Or you can stroll by The Lab, an art gallery in the Roger Smith hotel and see the thing live. It runs through September 29th.
If you run into Volcker, remember to ask him what he think the prospects for inflation are now that the Fed is back in rate cutting mode.
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