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The Case Of The Missing Private Equity Kings

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First Steve Schwarzman went missing.
And now Henry Kravis has disappeared. He’s cancelled an October 2nd breakfast talk he was scheduled to give at the New York Public Library, according to Deal Journal’s Dana Cimilluca. No one is saying why. KKR is refusing to comment. The NYPL isn’t returning calls.
So what happened? “The cancellation means Kravis doesn’t have to explain why his firm apparently still plans to go forward with the IPO plan, when things have gotten a bit ugly for the private-equity industry,” Cimilluca writes.
We suppose it could be a move to avoid awkward IPO questions. Or it maybe he got the memo from his fellow private equity poobahs that all this publicity the business has been getting lately hasn’t worked out so well. It’s got the attention of lawmakers and the attendant political leaching class, for one thing, who want to claw and paw their way into private equity profits with taxes and extracted political donations.
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