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The Finance Company That Makes You Want To Go "Wooo!"

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The brightest news in the credit markets today isn’t the potential cracks in the wall against credit for the big private equity buyouts. It’s the launch of a new financing agency, which is offering home loans, auto loans, and loan loans. As we say in poker tournaments, a new power is heard from.
The latest, uhm, entrant into the ring where lenders do battle promises it will “compete so you don’t have to”and employ its “figure-4 process” to pin high-interest loan down to the mat. And, once thing is for certain, it’s got flair.
Ric Flair that is. The flamboyant professional wrestler recently announced that he is starting Ric Flair Finance. The website is adorned with pictures of Flair dressed in gaudy wrestling robes, sporting a shock of beached blonde hair. It promises “With Ric in your corner, you’re sure to win!”
Ric Flair Finance homepage [ricflairfinance .com]