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The Mouse's Eyes (clap clap), Are Watching You

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In response to the toy recall frenzy, Disney will be conducting random tests of licensed products. The tests are designed to make sure the 65,000 different Disney products sold by 2,000 vendors aren't covered in lead or have small parts that fall off (there goes the Little Mermaid with the removable coconut bra, also lead coated for extra lift and support). One of the Mattel recalls involved a "Sarge" car toy based on the character from "Cars."
Disney's tests are not designed to replace manufacturer safety protocols, but to scare toymakers into
not selling small poison death traps, or accepting them from China. So we have a large private company acting as a self-appointed regulatory body. Is this even legal? Will Disney start suing toymakers if they find "unsafe" toys, and will the parameters of "safety" be defined by the Mouse?
Since China is still going to be... well... China, the cost of all this "safety" and "avoiding child death" is unfortunately going to be passed on to the American consumer. The toy-selling landscape is already changing. For the first time, toys are trying the marketing tactics of U.S. automakers, urging the public to "buy American." You can save the life of your child and battle the Commies in one tickle-me-purchase.
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