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UFC 76: Lulu vs. Hulu

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There can be only one "ulu!" We gave the brain trust at NBC and NewsCorp some well-deserved flack over the decision to name their $1 billion video content portal "Hulu" after an inexplicable multi-month nomenclatural funk and near-extinction of Fantasia (or Fantastica) from the all-consuming Nothing. It seems Lulu is equally perplexed by the decision, and the one letter difference between the new name and its own. Lulu is suing Hulu (if litigatory karma exists, NBC and NewsCorp are right under Viacom in the pecking order of companies that need to be sued). Here's more, from the Post:, NBC Universal and News Corp.'s soon-to-launch video Web site, has been slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit by Lulu Enterprises for picking a name too similar to its own. Lulu, which controls the Web sites and and specializes in digital self-publishing services for budding filmmakers, musicians and authors, claims in a suit filed in federal court in Raleigh, N.C., that NBC and News Corp.'s decision to name their service Hulu represents an intentional attempt to create confusion in the marketplace and an encroachment on its business.

Do the Zulus have enough lawyers on hand to enter the fray? We hear creator god Nkulunkulu is especially pissed, but is not really an interventionist when it comes to human affairs.