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Wolves, Jackasses And Other Beasts of Wall Street

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They say the best con men know how to make a buck going in and two bucks going out.
Meet Jordan Belfort. For those of you who are new to the industry or have been asleep behind the wheel the past couple of years – Jordan’s story runs something like this: Greedy whippersnapper swindles investors out of over a $100 million in mid ‘90’s boiler room brokerage house mayhem while accumulating racing cars, a yacht, access to hookers, blow, and (of course) a house in the Hamptons.
But when that’s all said and done, that’s not too interesting, right? Well, this gets better (or worse) . This guy ultimately gets caught, thrown in the clink for 22months and comes out a changed man. A “chaste” and “moral” man, as he calls it.
Apparently, Jordan did some reading in the big house, saw the light and carved himself a new career path: author of fine contemporary literature. Jordan’s debut book chronicling his trials and tribulations ranging from crashing his helicopter while stoned to falling for a stripper named BLASE, The Wolf of Wall Street will be available at your local bookseller in a couple of weeks.
And, of course, the fun doesn’t stop with the printed word. Looks like Martin Scorsese got his hands on this little treasure and has decided to turn his story into a Leo D blockbuster (think Catch Me If You Can on Wall street).
James P. Bodovitz, a former lawyer for the SEC, sounds a tut-tutting note in the New York Times today. “We should frown on the idea of him trying to profit or restore his public name, in light of what he did,” Bodovitz says. Harsh words there, Bodovitz. How will Jordan ever recover from you frowning at him?
Jordan says he wakes up every morning “sick to my stomach about it.” Well, that makes it all better then.
We plan on getting our hands on an advance copy of this thing and delivering a full review.
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