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Write-Offs: 09.11.07

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$$$ M&A ROUNDUP: There were 52 North American deals proposed during the week ended September 9, according to our weekly M&A Roundup []
$$$ Happy Birthday Maria Bartiromo!
$$$ The lies of a lying liar and the Jedi Knight who employs him [Gary Weiss]
$$$Yuppies can’t get no love [FT Alphaville]
$$$ Maybe we're already in a recession [Bloomberg]
$$$ The best Yankee Stadium marriage proposal ever [Deadspin]
$$$ How to light water on fire [Post Gazette]
$$$ The treehuggers are ruining everything [Going Private]
$$$ It’s September 11th. Please remember that nothing is more patriotic than buying LBO debt [Steve Schwarzman blog]
$$$ Lindsay and WallStrip break-up [Wall Strip]