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Write Offs: 09.13.07

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MTV turns to Axe body spray to prevent stinky programming [Wall Street Journal]
We may be less employed than we think, thanks to some statistical bumps provided by NILFS (Not In Labor Force) [Seeking Alpha]
The World Series of Video games is canceled due to lack of funding - people who watch people play video games proclaimed victors of World Series of Laziness [Gamasutra via Fark]
Sign of the apocalypse - Valleywag only did one post on facebook today (usual tally = 1/3rd of all posts)... at least it's novel... oh right, we did it two days ago... at least they linked to us... oh right, they didn't [ValleyWag via DealBreaker]
Read and pretend to know how the EU is getting along these days [London Review of Books]
WallStrip apparently thinks those Coors Light commercials are funny, and watches tennis: