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According To Charlie Gasparino: Stan O'Neal Is Getting Fired For 5 Reasons

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1. The whole firm hates him.
2. He took risks.
3. That strategy turned out to be a bad one.
4. He left the office early to go return some videotapes.
5. Posing for that picture.
Charlie also added a reason why O'Neal *isn't* (or shouldn't be) getting fired: because he tried to merge Merrill with Wachovia. And if he does get fired for trying to merge with Wachovia? According to Gasparino, "It'll be a bigger story than the Ping Jiang hormones deal." Not as big as Epstein and the tranny, but big, still. Robert McCann and Greg Fleming are the mostly likely candidates to take over.
Merrill's O'Neal Adieu by Weekend [CNBC]