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As It Turns Out, Portfolio Was The First To Go With Lynching Pun

This morning we credited Management Today, a UK publication we'd never heard of before this morning, with being the first to use the second part of Merrill Lynch's name as a pun for the ousting of Stan O'Neal. It came to our attention in the usual way such things do: they beat us over the head with it by reminding us that "O’Neal is one of the few African-Americans running big US companies" and describing Wall Street as "largely a white male preserve."
In case you missed it, we thought that with all that hand-wringing it was a little surprising a headline-writer would decide that it was totally great to make a clever pun about lynching Stan O'Neal. Or maybe it worked the other way around: they wanted to make the pun, so they decided to cover themselves with the hand-wringing. Somebody's over-compensating!
But we were wrong. As far as we can tell, the award/badge of shamelessness for the first lynching pun should have gone to Portfolio's pseudonymous Spin Blogger who calls himself Jack Flack. Yesterday, Flack's piece was titled "Merrill Lynch-Mob: How the Media Helped Fire Stan O'Neal."
We suppose that the function of the lynching pun in Jack's piece, like that in Management Today piece, could be said to be anti-racist. You see, he's accusing O'Neal's opponents of acting like a lynch mob. Or maybe he's accusing the media of being like a lynch mob. In any case, Flack is the first one we've found who somehow overcame the discomfort most reporters would have about calling the firing of one of America's most prominent black executives a lynching.
Merrill Lynch-Mob: How the Media Helped Fire Stan O'Neal [Spin Blog]