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At Least One Subsidiary of Citic Group Does Not Consider Itself Too Good To Be Seen in Public With Bear Stearns

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Though China Citic Bank Corp, the banking unit of China Citic Group, said as recently as Thursday that it hadn’t spoken with Bear Stearns about buying a stake in the awesomely declining Madison Avenue stock, nor did it plan to “in the next three months,” China’s Citic Securities Co., another unit of Citic Group*, agreed to pay $1 billion for about 6 percent of BSC (with the right to buy an additional 3.9% in the public market), and to also give Bear a 2% stake in the Beijing-based firm for $1 billion, with the option to buy an addition 5% of the company over the next five years. Sneaky! And also, pretty good news for both firms. For Citic (Securities), whose shares have more than tripled so far this year, the deal offers a larger presence in the global market, even if that entryway comes at the price of being associated with Bear Stearns. For Bear Stearns, whose shares are down 28% on the year, the deal means that there’s at least one company out there still willing to work with Bear Stearns. The odd couple is also said to be planning a venture that will combine their operations outside of China. The deal apparently came together in the last few months, though its roots can, completely unsurprisingly, be traced back to 1992, when Citic Group President Chang Zhenming first met Jimmy Cayne, while “playing cards.” (Both men, along with Citic Securities Chair Wang Dongming, are said to share each other’s philosophy of placing hobbies before actual work).
On a related note, Warren Buffett maintains that he "wouldn't touch Bear Stearns with an 80-ft pole," and that the only way you'd ever see something "so sickening" actually come to pass would be if it were the conclusion to a series of escalating dares. But he could very well be lying so...on your toes.
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*Start at the beginning and take a shot every time I say “China” or “Citic.”