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Blowing Your Mind: Grossly Overpaid Bros Go To Bat For Equally Overcompensated Bro in Another Line Of Work

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Thank god, the money managers have weighed in and decided: A-Rod was entirely justified in opting out of the final three seasons of his contract with the Yankees. According to Daniel Alpert, a partner at Westwood Capital, a boutique investment bank in New York that specializes in mortgage and related securities, “there’s nothing cold blooded about it.” And what’s Balestra Capital founder James L. Melcher���s take on the situation? “Not only do I have no problem with it, I’m cheering him.”
Can you imagine what would happen if these guys didn’t stick together? When you’re trying to rip people off, the moral support of your peers really counts for a lot. (Investors in) Absolute Capital know what we're talking about.
Rodriguez Not Greedy by Standard of Wall St. [NYT]