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BusinessWeek To Get More Business-y

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Later this week BusinessWeek will unveil the results of its 18-month makeover. The magazine is axing its travel, fashion and other lifestyle coverage—except Robert Parker's wine column—in favor of more business news. They are also re-arranging the magazine by eliminating the distinction between US and worldwide business sections and moving the opinion columns to the back.
In an unusual fit of fairness, we've decided to wait to render judgment on the "relaunch" until, you know, we've actually seen the new magazine. But they sound good as far as they go. We've never read BusinessWeek for travel or fashion, and never really understood what the point was. The only all in one magazine we've ever liked is the Spectator out of London. Everyone else we prefer when they stay in their niche.
"The move is a concession to reality: Businessweek has never made much headway in lifestyle coverage and the advertising that accompanies it; neither have its competitors Forbes and Fortune," Silicon Alley Insider's Peter Kaplan writes.
On the party crash front, Page Six reports that Martha Stewart, Henry Kissinger, Dylan Lauren and Maria Bartiromo will be getting down at a relaunch party the magazine is throwing at Guastavino's tonight. DealBreaker's invitation must have been lost in the mail.
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