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Closing Bell 10.04.07

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Not exactly on exciting day on the markets.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average inched upward 6.26 to 13974.31. The Standard & Poor's 500 limped forward 3.25 to 1542.84. The Nasdaq Composite Index scampered 4.14 to 2733.57. On the New York Stock Exchange 1.10 billion shares traded hands, with 2,039 stocks rising and 1,225 falling.
The bond action wasn’t much more interesting. The 10-year note gained 5/32. The 30-year bond was up 11/32 to 103-22/32.
The dollar weakened. Of course.
And our random equities index for Thursday is the Bovespa, which tracks stocks on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. After two days of downward spirally, the Bovespa rose 1.11 percent to 60,768.42. When I mentioned this to Bess she told me her roommate had just had some waxing done there.
And in the Bess Levin-DealBreaker Bunker (BL-DBB) index, she "feels out of it" and "it's a weird day."
FT Alphaville. Putting the 'ha' back in Alpha.