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Closing Bell 10.10.07

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Light volume and mixed results. Dow down. Nasdaq up. S&P somewhere in between. Bonds just sat.
Only 841.3 million shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange today. Slightly more stocks declined than rose: 1,720 to 1,538. The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 84.30 to 14080.23. The S&P 500 fell 2.11 to 1563.04. The Nasdaq Composite Index climbed 4.83 to 2808.74.
Boeing, Alcoa and Chevron made the headlines with bad news. Union workers at Chrysler began walking off the job at 11:00 am but reports now indicate the strike is already over. Forbes reported that a deal had been reached within an hour of the start of the strike, although some sources are telling other news organizations that this isn’t so.
Shares of beleaguered British bank Northern Rock climbed as word spread of new investors and interest by some well-regarded stock traders.
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