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CNBC Will Not Have Its Newscasts Tainted By Fox-Friendly Guests

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Worried about what it would look like having its “expert” guests moonlight on the network that just last week had Jerry Springer and Jermaine Dupri on to talk about money, CNBC executive editor Nick Dunn sent this directive to a Wall Street “strategist” and frequent commentator with whom the “serious” business channel had assumed it was in bed with exclusively, after his appearance Fox Business:

"Saw you on the new network. Please don't make that a regular thing," Dunn said in the e-mail. "We value you highly here at CNBC and we don't want that watered down by appearances on other networks."

Dunn also told the Post that he and CNBC “care deeply about the quality of our guests. [Our anchors, not so much].”
On a related note, heads are going to roll at Fox when Roger Ailes, head of the Fox Financial Network, who told the Times Saturday that “We don’t use jargon, and we don’t use analysts,” finds out that some subversive twat of a producer put a commentator with a thought in his head on News for the Stupid.
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