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Did Taking A Stand Against People Who Audibly Work Out Cost One Broker His Job?

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We’ve been told that Christopher Carter, as in the guy who threw fellow spinning classmate Stuart Sugarman, still seated on his bike, into a wall for “loudly” grunting, commenting “Great song!” and yelling “You go, girl!” throughout a spin class at an Upper East Side Equinox in late August, has been fired from his job at Maxim Investments Group. For what, we have no idea, but one presumes it could have to do with being charged with the misdemeanor that sent “Stewy” to Lenox Hill Hospital’s ICU for “major surgery involving the use of cadaver tissue and multiple metal plates and screws.” (Or he could just be a bad broker. If you know, let us know, too.)
We’re not exactly sure how to feel about this one. One the one hand, Carter does sort of sound like a crazed sociopath who you probably wouldn’t want working at your firm. On the other, Sugarman had been given fair warning (first Carter told him to “quiet down,” then told him to “shut the fuck up,” then threatened, “If you don’t shut the fuck up, I’m going to get off my bike,” then finally made good on the promise), and if anyone deserves to lose their job over this ridiculous show of idiocy, it’s the guy screaming “You go, girl.” To himself. On the Upper East Side. In a spinning class.


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