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Donald Trump: Kicking Ass And Handing Out Money

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Donald Trump couldn't make money with his now defunct mortgage business, and now it seems he's just decided to give money away instead of bothering to lend it out. We're thinking of it as the ultimate subprime loan.
According to the Observer's Media Mob column, Trump’s people are giving out free money at this very moment outside the Barnes & Noble at 5th Avenue and 46th Street. (We'll give a special prize for anyone who gets a hold of TrumpBucks and spends them creatively. Email the details to us.)
At about half past noon Trump is scheduled to deliver a short speech outside the bookstore, and then will go inside to sign copies of his new book, "Think Big and Kick Ass." His PR flak tells the Observer that there is already a line of fanboys outside the store. We've seen these people before. They're vaguely frightening.
Stop by on your lunch break and ask the Donald what the biggest word he's ever thought of is.
(Note: You may notice that "Think Big and Kick Ass" is a sponsor of DealBreaker these days. Don't ask us how that happened. His publishers are just really open minded, we guess. Anyway, this post wasn't paid for by anyone. In fact, we're pretty sure the Donald still owes us a breakfast from that trip we took up to Trump Tower when he launched that mortgage company. It's probably a conflict of interest for us to even mention this but if KKR can borrow money from Citigroup to buy back its own loans from Citigroup, and Citigroup can make money on fees from a super SIV that is bailing out Citigroup's SIVs, well, we're not going to worry about that kind of thing. We ran a conflicts check by the lawyers who were all still too drunk to bother us about it, and since the DealBreaker credit committee has already signed off on this post, we're moving ahead with it.)

Donald Trump Giving Out Free Money Outside 5th Ave. Barnes & Noble


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